Thank you for choosing to travel with Global Rescue Project.  Be prepared to be amazed and astonished when you step into other cultures.  This is a life changing journey.  Whether you are  looking for purpose or trying to find your passion in life, this trip  is eye opening for adults and children alike.

​GRP  has projects locally and abroad and they are closely intertwined.  You have chosen to come on board with GRP on a journey that helps people in the mostpoverty stricken areas.  We work mainly with kids that we rescue out of slavery in Ghana, Africa. Our hope is that you find purpose and passion in the work that we do and  have a vision for.  We are a 501(c)3, non profit, grassroots  organization.  We are looking for people like you to bring your ideas to GRP and we can help execute them to help others locally and around the world.  We have many clubs in our Arizona schools and we believe that our projects help our children learn compassion, & empathy  towards others.  We must mold our youth to take care of the world, not  just the surrounding area that they live in.  We need to emphasize the importance of education and focus on all the OPPORTUNITY we have in America.  At GRP we believe that winning the global lottery also comes with a responsibility in helping others in less fortunate areas of the world.  We believe every child is just as important as the next one no  matter where they were born and that every child is equal and should be  loved, cherished, sheltered and educated. 

​​I believe one of the best gifts you can give your children is the gift of knowing….
Let  them know what’s happening in the world, let them know they can do  anything, let them know that it ONLY takes small changes to impact the  life of another person, let them know that it’s possible to jump on a  plane and change the path of another child across the globe, let them  know that we were put on earth to be bold and fearless and conquer anything that comes our way including poverty and slavery.

 We are the voice of over 6500 children currently living in horrendous  conditions on Lake Volta.  We have taken the responsibility of telling their story, no matter how sad and how helpless this makes everyone feel.  This is their reality and it needs to be shared.  KNOWLEDGE always  leads to great things and this trip will allow you to carry their message to others.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in going on the next trip.

Volunteer Packet - Please contact us directly if you are interested in going

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