Teigan Stenzel

Teigan's journey with GRP started when she was 9 years old.  All she heard about at home were the kids of Krachi.  Although very young at the time she always wanted to hear the kids stories and what they were going thru.  She always had the question, why?  "Why was I born with a loving family and every opportunity in the world and they are suffering so much".  Thru many tears over the years of feeling helpless, she was ready by 7th grade to take her first trip.  When we arrived at the orphanage she wrapped her arms around the kids that she has heard about for so many years and just cried.  To be able to hold these kids in her arms reaffirmed that this was the path she needs to be on.  

"My mom has always told me that it will be our youth that will make the change in this world and if she can't count on me to be the change in the world, how could she expect all the other kids she speaks to to be the change we need.  I had my first speaking engagement as a freshman in high school with my mom at a local high school in Phoenix, I cried as I spoke of the kids I love so much that are so far away.  As I looked up I saw some other girls crying in the audience.  I knew then that I can make an impact with others and inspire other youth to get involved.  I am making a pact to be the voice for all the enslaved kids on Lake Volta in Ghana.  Even those that I haven't met yet.  I want to live a life of giving to others and GRP has allowed me to get involved and do my part.  To see the smiles on the kids face's when I arrive at the orphanage gives me so much hope in this world of turmoil and suffering.  When I ask my mom that one question "WHY?" she says there has to be bad in the world to allow us to do good.  It is the people in life that do nothing to help that make the people suffering suffer in vain".