We came up with Robin Hoodz Closet while sitting in a Mexican food restaurant brainstorming on how to get items that our local kids need to them in a fun and interactive way with local schools.  We have been doing drives for clothing, school supplies, and backpacks for years now with different schools in Arizona.  We want to create a closet on wheels to drop off at schools/organizations and let the students organize different projects on this bus that we then drive to other schools or areas in need throughout Arizona.  Resale shops are trendy and a fun way to shop.  My two teenagers love shopping resale.  Why not have a resale shop on wheels to get items like prom dresses, backpacks, school supplies, clothing, shoes, and other items to people who need it.  There is no greater feeling then to give to those in need.  A lot of us live with so much stuff!  Why not teach our children that we can live with less and donate to people in our own backyard.  This is the meaning behind Robin Hoodz Closet.  Take items that are in good shape from people that are in the position to give back, then offer them to people that could really use a boost. 

There was a time when I was a single mom and I had $5 to my name after buying a loaf of bread.  It was Christmas time and I had no extra money.  I was 21 years old working in the medical field and only had one of my four kids then.  I went to goodwill and bought whatever I could find for my 3 year old for $5 dollars.  I remember driving home crying because I could not make Christmas special for her like my parents did for me.  I am not saying that Christmas should be all about the gifts.  What I am saying is, I worked very hard every day, dropping my daughter off at daycare.  I could not get ahead for anything.  I will never forget that year, and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  At some point through out our lives everyone needs help.  What a blessing it is to be a part of the giving end.  It’s good to want things in life, but the best part of life is giving.

Donation Items


We accept a wide variety of items such as clothing, hygiene products, schools supplies, backpacks, toys and more!

Donation Drive on Wheels


We need donations to help us purchase a bus to be turned into the mobile closet!