Kathi Koenig


 "Give every opportunity a chance, leave no room for regrets." As an Emmy winning network television producer and reporter, Katherine's had the privilege of interviewing fascinating people from across the globe for the past 20 years.  From presidents and politicians to sports figures and celebrities - she's enjoyed learning about others and what it takes to tell their story.  Over the years, she's produced for ABC Good Morning America, Nightline, Discovery, America's Most Wanted, PBS and more. Her passion however, has been in covering those less fortunate who aren't able to tell their own story or even have a voice.  Working with phenomenal people in the industry, she's produced award winning social issue documentaries in the US and Europe, with topics that include domestic violence, women living in poverty and children of divorce.  In recent years she's worked closely with several local non-profit organizations in the valley assisting with media and marketing needs as well as fund raising opportunities, using her community newspaper to raise awareness for those in need.  The Global Rescue Project is her latest passion and she is committed to assisting the GRP team in meeting their goal of saving the children in Ghana who are being forced to work illegally under hazardous conditions."The children trafficked to work in Ghana's fishing industry are as young as 4," says Katherine.  "They are at risk each day with little food and drink - their small bodies forced to work extreme hours, often times with masters who severely abuse them.  This human slavery often brings deadly consequences.  It's time to save those with no voice in a place where the world has forgotten them."  Katherine is the mother of 2 boys, a wife to a very supportive husband and her passions also include photography, art and writing.  Her supportive family and friends are her greatest joy in life.